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I realised about two years ago that not everybody is ready, or needs to have one to one or group anger management courses. I had a look around on the market and found lots of ‘one size fits all’ programmes and many academic education programmes.

What I couldn’t find was a version of what we deliver live, but in a home study and online format. Sure there were some great educational programmes and some great therapeutic ones- but I couldn’t find one that was both

CitizenCoaching-124So I set about creating a programme that had the feel of the live events with their practical anger management tips and techniques but with the flexibility of home learning.



The Complete Anger Management Programme is not going to be for everyone. It is going to take at least 8 hours of study and personal reflection and it’s not designed to be an ‘all you can eat buffet’ where you consume it all in one sitting. It will also not make you less angry just sat in its packaging or left on a shelf.

The Complete Anger Management Programme is a one of a kind collection of personal stories,

humorous lessons and deep insights into how you got to be angry in the first place. It

accommodates all types of learners, -let me explain that bit.

There are two CD’s to play in the car or download to your MP3 player. CD/ MP3 Audio

There is a DVD to watch on your TV or on your computer

DVD Videoand there is a detailed workbook with all the transcripts and exercises you need to get you started.



100% ‘Eat My Hat’ Money Back Guarantee

Try my powerful programme for a full 28 days. If it doesn’t work for you simply send it back and I’ll ‘Eat My Hat’ and give you a 100% refund, no questions asked. I’ll bring the anger mnagament help, all you need to bring is the desire to change and the energy to put it all into action.


Get the whole package delivered to your door for just £67- 100% Guaranteed

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Martin Hogg, Anger Management Coach and Counsellor